Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Bench Monday

Hope everyone is having a better monday then me. I am so tired and can barley function. Been up with a sick kiddo who has diarrhea it sucks for him horribly as we are wearing goodnights because he just can't make it to the toliet, poor guy. He hates it.. I think he is starting to loose weight. Might have to make a doctor visit, not sure he even has a doc anymore?? what to do . I am telling you when it rains it pours I really need something good to happen soon I am about to loose my mind. I am stuck in this house and feeling very angry and agitated today. I dunno, but I do love this sweet bubble pic of Roc....

Here is my bench monday shot for the week. It is not what I really wanted, but what i really want to do I need to shop for and I can't leave the house so maybe next week..and I have to have the money...... Happy Bench Monday to all!