Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some more pics and ramblings

Love these eyes
My oldest with the youngest. I love this capture
Look at the hands how fast they become hands of a man! My oldest was baptist on Sunday when I took this pic! I am so proud of the man he has become.!!
Just another day..Isn't he the sweetest! Wow time flies.

Today is one of those days I real wish I could clone myself. I need to do it all.Take care of this little man who cries if not held, dishes, laundry, lots of cleaning and organizing. Any mom out there have this figured out yet? I feel like I fail everyday because I have so much to accomplish yet it never seems to get done. Yes I do realize my children are the most important thing, but man what about the mess we live in. I hate it and I try. I really need some help!! But looking at this face makes the world seem better!! I love being a mom and even in the crazy moments I have to remember someday thel ittle sound of them will be gone, because they do grow so fast.

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